SickSideSS Interview With RICH MAHOGANY (aka Mr. Farricker, C-Rhymez)

Rich Mahogany (a.k.a. Mr. Farricker, C-Rhymez) was born in Pittsburgh, PA, but was raised out in Middletown, New Jersey. Hip-hop was something that wasn’t new to him, digging deeper into the culture he found his love for rhyming skills, b boying, graffiti, DJing, production, etc. He has been writing rhymes since about 13, but it has been something he has been taking real serious since about 19 or 20 years old. A bright future is hopeful for this young MC only being 21 years old and constantly hitting shows, grinding, and perfecting his craft, already gaining respect and sharing stages with everybody from a diamond in the rough to a seasoned rap veteran. When not rhyming, you can catch him editing, filming, and directing videos, and also making beats. Keep your eyes and ears open for his project “Most Slept on Nightmare” Dropping on Goldminded Records in 2011!

We are very proud to present you the first official interview made by SickSideSS Blog. Since we’re on the rise like just like Rich Mahogany – we certainly hope we gonna grow together!


SickSideSS : What/Who influenced you to get in the Hip-Hop game?

Rich Mahogany : Always wanted to DJ or Produce, since I was a young kid, But I got into rhyming through freestyling and smoking blunts with kids around the neighborhood. Over the years took it more and more serious through my writing.

SickSideSS : How would you describe your rap style?

Rich Mahogany : Lyrical, Provocative, Catchy, and NEVER watered down.

SickSideSS : What song of yours blew up first?

Rich Mahogany : “Take The Cake” featuring Tone Liv and Pryme Prolifik.

SickSideSS : Who is your crew and what do they do (for you)?

Rich Mahogany : Rotten Garden + Goldminded Records….We perform shows together, production, engineering, mixing, and just overall supporters of each others movements. Look out for Tone Liv’s “Jerseys Junk Yard Dog” album dropping, Tre-L’s “Trapped Talent” and Pryme Prolifik’s “Every Word I Speak” album…

SickSideSS : What do you expect to reach as an hip-hop artist?

Rich Mahogany : Touring, more press, get my music video’s aired on television…its time for this dream to stop being a dream and become real life…I see success coming up real close, im so confident that I will be successful…Been through a lot in the past year…

SickSideSS : Since you’re also a producer and director – what should we be on the lookout for?

Rich Mahogany : I will have some of my production on Pryme’s upcoming album…Tone Liv’s album….The Man From Somewhere Else’s album…took a step back from directing but I have more in the works that will be released during the next year….get at me for production!!!!

SickSideSS : When is your new music project coming out and will it have any features?

Rich Mahogany : IF THE SHOE FITS WEAR IT – EP, will be dropping around the Holidays 2011… And Most Slept On Nightmare will be out in 2012… Album got pushed back cause I felt peoples attention spans aren’t ready for the album yet… Besides I had a lot of real life shit that happened, had an injury that had me off of my feet all summer, but I still managed to make it to shows and the studio… I never take a day off its music and entertainment every day… Oh, and we have the Rotten Garden compilation in the works!!!! Morning Starz album as well!!!

[Music Video for Rich Mahogany – Strictly Facts from the forthcoming EP IF THE SHOE FITS WEAR IT]

SickSideSS : What kind of music (or groups) you like to listen?

Rich Mahogany : I listen to my friends music but besides that, Black Milk is dope, Wu Tang, Mobb Deep, I like Smoke DZA‘s movement, Action Bronson is dope, I also still listen too all the classics, especially Ghostface‘s album… Some cats I really dig in the underground that I have had the honor to kick it with are Nightwalker’s crew Dead Rabbits, I also support Matt Maddox‘s movement. Peace to Red Phone Records.

SickSideSS : Did you ever have some shows outside the USA?

Rich Mahogany : Not yet but I know it is inevitable.

SickSideSS : What can we expect from you in 2012?

Rich Mahogany : More music, albums, more shows, and as much weed smoking as possible!

For the end we had a “trick” question:

SickSideSS : Is the train faster on the tracks or by night? 😉

And we got the best answer ever:

Rich Mahogany : Train is as fast as the conductor wants it to be…

Don’t forget to check Rich Mahogany’s Facebook page:

And also his Youtube channel:

You can also check out Rich Mahogany on November 17th sharing the stage with legendary Jedi Mind Tricks & Outerspace:

For the end we prepared a couple of Rich Mahogany tracks for y’all to download and listen!

Rich Mahogany – It Gotta Be (Rich Mahogany) [prod. by Olaf]

Rich Mahogany – Rappin On Tapes [prod. by Basement Unit of Germany]

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