40oz. Kings EP – Seven Oddities Records (Support Underground Hip-Hop And Buy It!)

“The 40oz. Kings embody everything we love about underground hip-hop: passion, raw talent and, of course, 40 ouncers. While they’re based in Chicago, there’s no act that traveled further to get to North Coast. After beating out 100 performers, they emerged as the festival’s “Toast of the Coast” play-in contest champions. And it only takes one listen of their single to prove their merit. It’s a huge win for the Kings and their home at Seven Oddities Records — and a testament to the deep well of Chicago’s undiscovered talent.”

(Written By: Lindsay Terchin of ChicagoInnerview.com)

40oz Kings EP
The long awaited album is here. The 40oz Kings consist of DreamTek PozLyrix and DC The Truth. The EP was completely produced by Dream and features guests such as Hellsent, Omen Ra, Prime, Venemous 2000, DJ Shmix
Seel Fresh and more!
Cop it for a mere $4.95 by Pay Pal or Credit card.
Click  HERE to be taken to the download…

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