WTF?!?: Florida Man Robs Bank to Pay Bar Tab [via Complex]

What’s a man to do when that awkward, dreaded moment comes along when he realizes that he doesn’t have the money to cover his tab? We know-go rob a bank.

52-year-old John Robin Whittle was at the Hayloft bar in Port Richey, Florida early Thursday afternoon (too early to be at the bar) and ordered a beer. He disappeared for about half an hour, but the bartender ignored it, figuring anyone sad enough to be at the bar at that time probably hadn’t gone far.

Whittle must’ve realized he didn’t have enough-or any-money, so went a few doors down and robbed a Wells Fargo. He made it pretty easy for the police to catch him, as he was right back in front of that lonely-ass beer ten minutes later.

Hopefully, he gave the bartender a good tip.

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