SickSideSS Blog 1000th Post Jubilee!

This is officially the 1000th post on SickSideSS Blog!

This blog was started on May 18th 2010. Since then as you could already see- we had 1000 posts which we are very proud of. In these (almost) 2 years the blog finally started to get recognized. In this time we finally started to make our own interviews (MC SEVEN, Rich Mahogany) and also we’re planning on some new stuff, possibly some video shows and also a mixtape series.

And speaking of mixtapes- we were hopping that we will have our first mixtape done by the time we had our 1000th post. Unfortunately, its not done yet, even though it’s very close to be finished. Maybe even during this weekend. There even might be a weekly radio show where we will present you with all the new music posted on our blog. We also realized that sometimes we miss out on much bigger popularity since we post only stuff and music we think fits our blog. In other words- we post only stuff which we think is quality stuff (subjective opinion though) which in some way is not good for our own world wide popularity but we are much more satisfied with the smaller group of people which know what they want and know where to find it- than to have an whole bunch of all kinds of people around. No disrespect to anyone. Everyone knows what they like.  And we would also like to point out that this blog is completely non-profit. We do it just for the love of the music.

You can also find the SickSideSS Blog page on Facebook. There used to be a page on myspace to but unfortunately there isn’t anymore.

We will continue to do our thing. We won’t sell out.

We wish to thank you all for being with us for these 1000 posts for almost two years since we exist. Hopefully we will grow bigger and stronger.

Unofficial anthem of the SickSideSS Blog and the SickSide Soldiers Serbia:


Stay SICK!!!

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