Moscow Street Art

This time we will present the Street Art from Moscow & great graffiti artist Rasko.

“You just do the trick, but not to forbid others to do something.”

A new short video from the graffiti-Rasko Vandal, Moscow 2012 (G)

Bombing  one of the subways in Moscow by Rasko Vandal 2011 (G)

This young artist and many others from Russia are supported by graffiti paint group Trane which idea is to create a new generation of paints .

”After starting the budget line of paint in 2010, we worked hard. We studied the reviews of artists, tested, experimented, drawing and just poured paint on the walls, metal and glass. This time it was carried out with use.
The best proof of this new generation of paint Trane. The fresh design and fully recycled container components, as well as a broad palette, and still the optimal price.”

More about  Russian street art & how do they do that you can check on iLOVEGRAFFITI .Also they always upload fresh stuff on their Youtube Channel , and about the Rasko Vandal, you can follow his work here .

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