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The Beat Junkies – For the Record

The World Famous Beat Junkies, comprised of members J-Rocc, DJ Babu, D-Styles, DJ Rhettmatic, DJ What?!, Mr. Choc, Icy Ice, Curse, DJ Shortkut, Melo-D, Symphony and DJ Havik have been putting in work on the turntables since they were first established in 1992. Known internationally as the premiere DJ crew, their longevity is a testament to their immense musical talents. In celebration of the legendary Beat Junkies, LRG presents For the Record – a short documentary profiling the collective with contributions from the likes of A Trak, Q Bert and Peanut Butter Wolf – with DJ Jazzy Jeff commenting that “there are no DJ’s out today that haven’t been influenced by the Beat Junkies at all.” In addition, the Beat Junkies are heading out on the road for an international tour with stops across the US, Europe and Asia and this past weekend kicked off their tour at the Echoplex in Los Angeles, CA on June 30. Laced in commemorative letterman jackets from LRG that celebrates 20-years of hard work and hustle, here’s to another 20 more in the game.

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DJ JS-1 – Rap Is Outta Control Mix [Download]

Every Sunday night on Sirius/Xm’s “Hip Hop Nation”, DJ Eclipse and Torae
do their show called “Rap Is Outta Control.” On jan 29th, 2012, i filled in for Eclipse
while he was out on the road with La Coka Nostra. This show brings you the best new underground hiphop. I went through a lot of the newer hiphop and tried to pick songs
that i personally liked or appreciate. Nowadays since EVERYONE makes music, there is tons of demos to listen to, mixed in with actual artist and albums. I only play what i like and don’t support some of the nonsense that has infiltrated “underground” hiphop. There is tons of dudes imitating other rappers, tons of producers imitating other producers, etc.. That’s not what hiphop is all about. So on this show i did my best to rock what i thought was worthy or notable. There is lots of newer MCees and still several veterans in the game bringing you good music. When doing a “mix” show, i don’t like playing whole songs, afterall it is a “mix” show. If you like any of these tracks, you can go buy them on itunes or support by buying the CD from sites like and I’d like to thank Dj Eclipse for doing a show like this with little reward. It’s hard work and you have to deal with several people who complain and harass you, like me. lol. I hope you enjoy this new mix, and hope you support some of these new artists like Soul Khan, Homeboy Sandman, Rasheed Chappell, Blacastan, etc… I chose this picture for the cover, simply because “rap IS outta control…” – DJ JS-1


1- RIOC intro w Kool G Rap & AG
2- Rasheed Chappell – Break Loose w Dj Scratch
3- Gee Dubs – I Dont Care
4-Evidence – Late for the Sky
5-Rah BoomBap- Gem Star
6-Rasheed Chappell – I Know
7-Maffew Ragazino – Short Yellow Bus Theory
8–Punchline & Fokis – Enemy of the State
9-Torae – You Ready?
10-Showbiz & AG – Show & A
11-Blacastan – Blac Magic
12-Common – Raw (How U Like It)
13-Timbo King – Tombstone
14-PH – King Latifah
15-Torae – That Raw
16-Nas & Dj Premier – Re_Generation
17-DJ JS-1 & KRS – Despair
18-Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown – Volume
19-Meyhem Lauren – Queens
20-Homeboy Sandman – Canned Goods
21-Cunninlynguists – Stars Shine Bright
22-Evidence – Fame
23-Showbiz & AG – Bronx Shit
24-BDP (KRS) – Tote Gunz
25-Fashawn – Generation F
26-Bumpy Knuckles & Premier – We are at War
27-Grand Puba & Hell Razah – Writings on the Wall
28-JoJo Pellegrino – Only One
29-Natural Elements – Done
30-Neek the Exotic & Large Pro – Still on the Hustle
31-Reef the Lost Cauze & Snowgoons – Big Shots
32-Soul Khan – Ra’s Al Ghul
33-Styles P – Children
34-Dj Doom feat Blacastan – U Just Mad
35-Dj Skizz feat Timeless Truth & Nutso – Santo Remedio
36-The Funk League feat Diamond D – The Boogie Down Bombers
37-DJ JS-1 feat Blacastan – Hold Ya Breath
38-Koncept – Watch the Sky Fall
39-Dj Doom feat KrumbSnatcha – Rookies
40-Edo G – Fast Lane
41-The Regiment & Bodega Brovas – The Show Must Go On
42-La Coka Nostra – Malverde Market
43-Truth feat JS-1 – The Greatest Force
45-Erick Sermon – Way Out
46-MOP & Snowgoons – Anyone Can Get It
47-Royce Da 5’9″ – Second Place
48-Rah BoomBap feat Kool Sphere – NYC Agenda
49-Truth feat Sean P – New Type Sumthin’
50-J-Live – Authentic
51-Punchline & Dj SoulClap – I Go On

DOWNLOAD : DJ JS-1 – Rap Is Outta Control Mix

DJ JS-1 & Mix Greens – A Very Special Christmix (Vol 1 & 2) [Mixtape]

In case y’all were in need of some tunes to keep your Christmas weekend rockin, DJ JS-1 comes through with two mixes featuring the likes of Al Green, Kurtis Blow, Ray Charles, James Brown, Jackson 5, Jimi Hendrix, The Supremes and more.


01. Xmas intro
02. Christmas Rapping – Kurtis Blow
03. Gee Whiz Its Christmas – Carla Thomas
04. Back Door Santa – Clarence Carter
05. Soulful Christmas (Merry Christmas & Happy New Year) – James Brown
06. He’s Santa Claus – Disco Four
07. Jingle Bell Rock – Sweet Tee
08. Jingle Bells – Booker T & MG’s w Xmas Story (Interlude)
09. Chillin With Santa Xmas Breaks – Derek B
10. Jingle bells – Barking Dogs
11. Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer Vs. Kool G Rap On The Run
12. You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch – Albert Hague
13. Ghetto Santa – Spyder D
14. Funky Rudolph – Shiny Nose Segment
15. Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer – Ray Charles
16. Run Run Rudolph – Chuck Berry
17. Little St. Nick – Beach Boys
18. Wonderful Christmas Time – Paul McCartney
19. Oh Pruny Night (Interlude) – California Prunes
20. What Christmas Means To Me – Stevie Wonder
21. Charlie Brown Vs. Cookie Monster Santa (Interlude)
22. Santa Wants Some Loving – Albert King
23. Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt
24. Santa Baby – Madonna
25. Merry Christmas Baby – Otis Redding
26. Santa Claus Is Here To Stay – James Brown
27. Give Love On Christmas Day – Jackson 5
28. Christmas Will Be Christmas – Lou Rawls
29. Christmas In Hollis – Run DMC
30. Xmas Radio (Interlude)
31 . Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto – James Brown
32. Ghetto Santa – Spyder D
33. Night Before Christmas – Cutmaster DC
34. Dana Dane Is Coming To Town – Dana Dane
35. Little Drummer Boy – Jimi Hendrix
36. Booker T & mG’s
37. God Rest Ye Merry Men
38. Southpark Xmas (Interlude)
39. Monster Xmas Mash – Monster Xmas
40. Donde Esta Santa Claus – Augie Rios Vs. 45 King
41. Happy Kwanza Breaks
42. Heat Miser Song
43. Ralph Kramden Christmas (Interlude) Vs. Booker T & MG’s – Silver Bells
44. Silver Bells – Jacob Miller
45. Deck The Halls – Jacob Miller
46. Presents For Christmas – Solomon Burke
47. Christmix: Outro

DOWNLOAD : DJ JS-1 & Mix Greens – A Very Special Christmix v.1


01. Christmas Morning Intro
02. Hey America! – James Brown
03. Some of My Favorite Things – Herp Albert
04. Some of MY Favorite Things – The Supremes
05. Valis Navidad (Interlude)
06. En La Vidad – Hector Lavoe
07. Aguinaldo – Pepe Castillo
08. Deck The Halls – Salsoul Orchestra
09. It Feels Like Christmas – Al Green
10. Disco Santa Claus – Raindolls
11. Christmas Wrapping – The Waitresses
12. Funky Christmas – Whispers
13. Deck The Hall – Cuba La
14. Ya Vivne La Noche Buena – El Gran Combo
15. Rock the Christmas Bells – Hard Rock
16. Funky Christmas – Busy Boys
17. Xmas Freestyle – Luke’s Xmas Posse
18. Juice Crew Xmas Freestyle – Juice Crew (Kane, Shante, Shan)
19. Santa claus wants some lovin’ – Creeper
20. Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin’ – Albert King
21. I’m In Love – The Isley Brothers
22. Black Beauty – Akim
23. Santa’s Got A Bag of Soul – Soul Saints Orchestra
24. Merry Christmas Happy New Year – Chambers Brothers
25. Lets Get Together For Christmas – Crazy Emma
26. Gettin’ Down For Xmas – Milly & Silly
27. Lonesome Christmas – Lowell Fulson
28. Christmix Interlude
29. Santa He’s My Man
30. Christmas In The City – King Sun
31. Merry Crucifixion & Crappy New Year – Necro
32. Jesus Is Black – Luke’s Xmas Posse
33. Merry Mutha Fuckin’ Xmas – Eazy E
34. Night Before Xmas – Dolemite
35. Jingle Jangle Instrumental Break – The Legion
36. Santa Shot The Block Up – Solomon
37. Pull My Sled – Raindeer Runners
38. Please Come Home For Christmas – Uniques
39. Gift of The Giving – Bill Withers
40. What Do The Lonely Do at Christmas – Emotions
41. Children Go Where I Send Thee – Gospel Starlets
42. Christmas Bells – Byron Lee & Dragon Aires
43. Winter Wonderland – Byron Lee & Dragon Aires
44. Santa Got a DWI – Sherwin Linton
45. Santa Came Home Drunk – Cadillac Baby Specials
46. Xmas Business Break
47. Who Took The Merry Outta Christmas – Staple Singers
48. Bright Star In The East – David Frost & Billy Taylor
49. Stone Soul Xmas – Binky Gritite
50. Party This Christmas – Rockin Sydney
51. The Girl I Love – Chino Feaster
52. Jingle Bells – Don Burrows
53. Farting Xmas Carrol
54. Bagpipe Break – Rufus Harly
55. Foxxxy Xmas Present: Outro

DOWNLOAD : DJ JS-1 & Mix Greens – A Very Special Christmix Vol 2

DJ JS-1 – I Run NY (Mixtape) [Download]

For those of you who have seen me djay or follow any of my works, you have definitely seen me rocking
my “I RUN NY” shirts. My boy Carlos, who i’ve known for a while, has his company,
and they make incredible hiphop themed shirts and hoodies. They have many great designs so many of us love and i suggest you check it out for real. His shirts have become my “dj uniform” the past two years. hahaha… Well the “I RUN NY” design, has always been my favorite for obvious reasons. I’m a diehard old skool new yorker that grew up idolizing RUN DMC & JMJ. At the same time i have been a Knicks fan as far back as i can remember. I can remember watching games before Patrick Ewing came, and how excited everyone was when he joined the Knicks. When Carlos told me he was re-releasing the “I RUN NY” shirt in classic Knicks / Mets colors, i was even more excited. The release coincides with the start of the NBA season and our new-look Knicks featuring Amare Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony, and Tyson Chandler, the best front court in the NBA. I’ve been meaning to do an all-New York themed mix, and this was the time to do it!

I know it’s become trendy over the past decade to try and diss New York, and some other parts of the country have been “feelin” themselves a lil bit because cornball down-south beats are ruling pop-radio, but let’s be serious for a minute… New York is the place where stars are born. If you make it here, you can make it anywhere… No disrepect to any other city, i’ve been to every major and mid-level city in the US and enjoyed many of them, but most of these clowns that are successful would never even get a foot in the door if they lived where i lived. It’s easy to be the best dj or the popular rapper when you come from a city as small as pittsburgh, etc… I could win a marathon with 5 people in it, but try to win one with 1 million people in it. New York is the birthplace of hiphop & the mecca of basketball. That is just the facts. Many of the greatest bball players of all time and ALL the greatest MCees of all time are from New York or the surrounding tri-state area. period.
We’re not dissing other places, but I’m not gonna jump on any bandwagon like sooo many New York rappers and djays have. I’m proud of the style of hiphop we make, and the contributions and trends we set forth. I’m also proud and happy to live in and do what i set out to do in the greatest city in the world. There’s a reason everyone wants to come here.

So i made this mix using all NY themed songs. I know there is many songs that represent New York or the overall vibe of NY, but i limited the mix to songs that are specifically about New York. I also left out a few because of time constraints and personal preference. Maybe i’ll do a part 2 one day. I hope you enjoy the mix and hope this brings a lil bit of the NY vibe to your ears…

With that being said, i would like to also thank Amare Stoudemire for being the first NBA super-star to have the balls to come to NY in a long time and put the Knick on his back, not fearing all the media scutiny and insane pressure. I know he got paid 100mil, lol, but soo many others passed on the job because they fear the real spotlight. I am soo happy with how he is helping transform the culture of NY basketball at MSG and how he is conducting himself off the court, and on the court for sure! Thank you Amare, now lets get it!!!!!!

P.S. i would also like to apologize for playing a remake of “black n yellow” on this mix, lol, but it’s a Knicks song, “stat n melo” and i had too. Those that know me, know i cringe and feel sick when i hear songs like black n yellow. you know what it is….


1-coming home intro
2- stat n melo – Judge Hyp
3-new york – Cat Power
4-where it started at NY – Hi-Tek feat Jadakiss, Papoose, Talib Kweli, Raekwon
5-NY State of Mind – Nas
6-NY State of Mind 2 – Nas
7-NY salute – MOP
8-streets of new york blend – Rakim
9-t.o.n.y. – CNN
10-walk in new york – Onyx
11-escape from new york instr – Sadat X
12-welcome to new york city – Camron feat Jay Z
13-down n out in new york city – James Brown
14-empire state of mind – Jay Z feat Alicia Keys
15-NY ya out there? – Rakim
16-reppin’ new york – DJ JS-1 feat Lil Fame, Joell Ortiz, & Freddie Foxxx
17-streets of new york – Kool G Rap
18-down in new york city – Evidence
19-new york straight talk – Gansgtarr
20-new york – Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Jadakiss
21-open letter to NYC – The Beastie Boys
22-NYC Everything – Rza & Methodman
23-represent interlude – A Tribe Called Quest & Biz
24-new york – Raekwon & Ghostface
25-sound of the police – BDP
26-NY Sh*T (JS-1 blend) – Busta Rhmyes
27-new york, new york – Grandmaster Glash & the Furious Five
28-native new yorker – Odyssey
29-new york, new york – The Last Poets
30-new york – Frank Sinatra

DOWNLOAD : DJ JS-1 – I Run NY (Mixtape)

Sabac Red – How We Think (Off the DJ JS 1 album ft Slaine & Sick Jacken) [VIDEO]

New video by Sabac Red feat. Slaine and Sick Jacken from the DJ JS-1 album “No One Cares”. The video is made only by Sabac Red with his verse (no Sick Jacken and Slaine in the video)

You can find the MP3 to the whole song HERE

DJ JS-1 – Serato Practice [Video]

“I’m re-creating and practicing some of the set i did at the CMJ show this year in New York. I saved the files i spun and redid this at home practicing…. one day i hope to be a real DJ like Alicia Keys, Paris Hilton, Lil Jon, Tommy Lee, Dj Mia… they are all soooo talented. “ – DJ JS – 1

DJ JS-1 – Puttin’ Words Together f. Dominion (PackFM, Substantial & Mr. Mecca) [MP3]

Another great song off DJ JS-1’s “No One Cares: Ground Original 3“, which is officially available now.

DOWNLOAD : DJ JS-1 – Puttin’ Words Together f. Dominion


DJ JS 1 feat Sick Jacken, Slaine and Sabac Red – How We Think [MP3]

DJ JS – 1’s “How We Think”  ft. Sick Jacken, Slaine and Sabac Red:


1. Main

2. Instrumental

3. Clean

4. Accapella



DJ JS 1 feat Sick Jacken, Slaine and Sabac Red How We Think [Video]

DJ JS-1 – Reppin’ NY f. Lil Fame, Joell Ortiz & Freddie Foxxx [MP3]

JS-1 is planning a new project, No One Cares, which will be released June 21st on Fat Beats Records. In his words, this cut came to fruition because it’s “sad watching New York artists trying desperately to make ‘down-south’ music, using corny beats and biting slang.”

DOWNLOAD : DJ JS-1 – Reppin’ NY f. Lil Fame, Joell Ortiz & Freddie Foxxx

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