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Boogie Down Productions – Drug Dealer (Demo Mix)

KRS-One & Kenny Parker Collabo Album “The BDP Album” Out Now [KRS-One Interview]

Brand new album by KRS-One & Kenny Parker out today on iTunes & Amazon. Featuring Channel Live & Jesse West!! You can check the snippets here. It will also be available limited on vinyl.

KRS-One – Do It [MP3]

The Teacha is on a good path to make another classic!

DOWNLOAD : KRS – One – Do It


“Peace. This is KRS-One! I’d like to personally thank everyone for their show of support toward the release of the “Just Like That” video. I’m not really a big Internet guy myself, but I had to respond to the enormous amount of love we’ve experienced since the release of the “Just Like That” video. MAD LION ROCKED IT! However, the best is still yet to come. As you may know, I often use my talents to edutain my listeners and inspire the international Hip Hop community. 2012 will be no different. I feel sorry for those who already think that I preach too much in rhyme, or that I need to retire. On the contrary, I’m just getting started.
Turning the flame up a little more, my next video presentation “Aztecnical” will deal with the myths of 2012, particularly the December 21st 2012 Mayan Calendar “end date”. Too many of our people are being led astray by movies, lectures and hype mostly regarding the celestial calculations of the Mayan Calendar. And while other cultures also predict the same “end date” calculations, it is important to point out that all cosmic alignments, shifts and even changes are occurring RIGHT NOW! The question is, how might this affect Hip Hop worldwide? I believe we are about to finally have our “say” in the world. The key word in the next few upcoming months will be “courage”, and true courage comes from living rightly. As an international culture, Hip Hop is poised for a great opportunity; my goal is to get us prepared for it, and fear has no place in our collective future. I am sending this “Aztecnical” video out in hopes that it sparks discussion and dispels fears. The first verse deals with the actual Mayan calculations themselves and shows how governments and corporate entities of all sorts use the fears of the public to their own economic and global advantages. The second verse deals with the conquest of Cortez over the Mayan People and how it was the Mayans’ own cultural beliefs that were used against them to cease their lands and resources. The point being, do not allow hype and your own view of the world to lure you into the hands of those only out to exploit you. BE STRONG! BE COURAGOUS! And yes, Knowledge Reigns Supreme. There It Is,Just Like That.”

Blast From The Past: KRS-One – Return Of The Boom Bap (1993) [Album Download]


KRS-ONE Attacks 2:50
Outta Here 4:28
Black Cop 2:59
Mortal Thought 3:19
I Can’t Wake Up 3:34
Slap Them Up 3:58
Sound Of Da Police 4:18
Mad Crew 4:24
Uh Oh 4:05
Brown Skin Woman 4:38
Return Of The Boom Bap 3:46
“P” Is Still Free 4:56
Stop Frontin’ 3:19
Higher Level 5:13

DOWNLOAD : KRS-One – Return Of The Boom Bap (1993)

KRS-One – Just Like That [Official Video]

The legendary KRS-One is about to drop his 20th(!) studio album during the 2012. Here’s the first song off it.

Blast From The Past : Boogie Down Productions – Criminal Minded (1987) [Album Download]


1. Poetry
2. South Bronx
3. 9mm Goes Bang
4. Word from Our Sponsor
5. Elementary
6. Dope Beat
7. Remix for P Is Free
8. Bridge Is Over
9. Super-Hoe
10. Criminal Minded


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