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Genghis Khan – gritty, underground hip-hop MC / producer released his debut Lp “The Violence Effect” in 2008. He is currently working on his second album “The Broken Love”.

Khan is featured on Timo Rose’s “Barricade” film soundtrack.

One of Khan’s latest projects includes several collaborations with writer / director Adam Mason (The Devil’s Chair, Broken, Blood River, Pig) . Genghis Khan’s music will be featured in Adam Mason’s film” Luster”, which will debut at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival in France.

He is also currently working on a score piece for Adam Mason’s new film “Junkie”, as well as several new songs for a film by the legendary Japanese pornographer/artist Daikichi Armano.

Genghis Khan’s debut album for FREE!


2Mex – Sweat Lodge Infinite (2003) [Download] via


01. Obey 3:08
02. Seconds Ago 3:01
03. Pavilions Of Sound 3:45
04. 3 Or 13 3:48
05. Instead Of Going Out 4:20
06. Copy That 3:29
07. Before The Format 2:38
08. M.A.S.H. 4:24
09. In The No 3:45
10. Skit 3:15
11. Lightpost 2 Lightpost 3:31
12. No Category 4:25
13. Outro 1:42

DOWNLOAD : 2Mex – Sweat Lodge Infinite

Common – The Dreamer/The Believer (Album) [Youtube]

The whole album in a youtube video.

Street Platoon – The Steel Storm [Full Album via Hip-Hop Realm]


1. Downtown Daze
2. Dead Lines
3. Mean Streets
4. Drug Lab
5. Sick Of It All
6. Pink (Pastrami Strips)
7. Great Downfall
8. Street Revolution
9. The Funeral March
10. Friction
11. Traffic
12. Animal Factory


MF Grimm – You Only Live Twice (2010) [Full Album]


01. 02:31 Blessings
02. 04:55 Return To Eden
03. 03:37 I Am King
04. 03:04 All I Need
05. 03:58 You Only Live Twice
06. 06:09 The Legend Of The Golden Warrior
07. 03:34 Medicine
08. 02:39 Waiting
09. 03:30 Fight
10. 04:23 Angel Without Wings
11. 04:11 Marry Mary
12. 03:09 Last Days
13. 03:34 The Compound

DOWNLOAD : MF Grimm – You Only Live Twice

Blast From The Past: Cypress Hill – Black Sunday (1993) [Album]

The Black Sunday album by Cypress Hill is something hip-hop culture needed to make an revolution we saw in the last 15 or so years. I hope Cypress Hill is going to go back to its roots at some point and make another album like this.



01.I Wanna Get High
02.I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That
03.Insane In The Brain
04.When The Shit Goes Down
05.Lick A Shot
06.Cock The Hammer
07.Lock Down
08.3 Lil’ Putos
09.Legalize It
10.Hits From The Bong
11.What Go Around Come Around, Kid
12.A To The K
13.Hand On The Glock
14.Break ‘Em Off Some


Tone Liv – Jersey’s Junkyard Dog [Full Album]

Since we’ve been having that interview with Rich Mahogany, we kept our eyes open for the New Jersey crew- it paid off fast. We present you Tone Liv – Jersey’s Junkyard Dog album. Enjoy!


1 the bark prod by bart beats
2.state of emergency feat sol zalez and b stilt prod by a sharp
3.we here all night feat danile joseph prod by pain n fame
4.the main attraction prod by pryme prolifik
5.junk yard dogs feat morning starz prod by pyrme prolifik
6what more can i say feat rhyme boss prod my divine drummah
7 hypnotic feat push buttinz prod by push buttinz
8 raw form prod by rhino cmz
9 con edison feat tre l prod by rich mahongany
10 you feat blackout prod by a.u.r.c
11 the dog house feat sol zalez and phace prod by jesue himself
12 skip to my lou prod by nemesis
13 wounded feat pryme prolifik, mr. fickle and tonimarie prod by p.a
14.rock steady feat venomous2000 prod by dj priority
15 angleous feat rhymageddon prod by mickey blue eyes

DOWNLOAD : Tone Liv – Jersey’s Junkyard Dog

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