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DJ SOLO – 420 MEGA MIX [Soundcloud/MP3]

HAPPY 420!

Here’s part 2 of my 420 mix that I dropped last year. A whole new blend of my EXTRA-HEADY secret stash. Roll it up, light it up, turn it up!!! Enjoy.
(If you missed 420 Pt.1…DOWNLOAD it HERE!!) – DJ SOLO


001. I’ll Never Smoke Weed With DJ SOLO – Toby Keith
002. Little Boxes (Weeds Theme) – Mayer Hawthorne
003. Smokin Dat Weed – Odd Squad
004. I’m So High – Tony Yayo
005. One Draw – Rita Marley
006. I Get High (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Redman, Method Man & Styles P x TC
007. Get Em High (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Kanye x Camo & Krooked
008. Gimme The Weed (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Gipsy King x Notixx x Black Sabbath
009. Bill Hicks (interlude)
010. Hashashins (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Planet Asia & Chace Infinite x Twin Prix x American Royalty
011. Take Drugs – Gangrene (Alchemist & Oh No)
012. Illusiones – Cypress Hill
013. Bill Hicks (interlude 2)
014. Stoned Is the Way Of The Walk – Cypress Hill
015. Designer Music – Self Scientific
016. Smokin’ – Nas
017. Smoker Face – Wiz Khalifa x Lady Gaga
018. Loco En El Coco (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Cypress Hill x Cypress Hill
019. I Can’t Wake Up – KRS ONE
020. Get High With Me Tonight (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Chab & JB Davis x Missy Elliot
021. Little Boxes (Weeds Theme) – Rise Against
022. Champaign & Reefer (feat. Buddy Guy) – Rolling Stones
023. Love Stoned Samurai (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – The Supremes x Justin Timberlake x Richie Spice x The Widdler
024. Gimme Tha Weed (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Elephant Man & Mr. Vegas x Young Money
025. Green Eyed Lady – Sugarloaf
026. Bill Hicks (interlude 3)
027. Sweet Leaf – Black Sabbath
028. Sweet Leaf (Mochipet Remix) – Black Sabbath
029. Because I Got High – Afroman
030. Good Times – Styles P
031. Change The Channel (interlude)
032. Bob Marley on Marijuana
033. Maryjane For President – MDC
034. Sex Mart 2000 – The Meatmen

R.I.P Eazy-E Tribute Mix By Cali Untouchables DJ “Julian Ramirez”

2Pac According To DJ Just Dizle [Mixtape]

DJ Just Dizle’s latest mix, 2 hours of pleasure for all Tupac fans.

Struka – Noći Bugija [Mixtape] Serbian Rap

Novi Strukin mixtape – Noći Bugija kao prvo izdanje nakon Ipak Se Obrće za Bassivity Digital.

Bass Chasers – Mitchy Slick x Excision & Downlink’s[MP3]

“This is a mashup of Mitchy Slick’s “Bass Chasers” and Excision & Downlink  “Crowd Control”. It’s also part of my upcoming video mix “DJ SOLO’s Alice in Wonderland”, where I’ve chopped up the entire Alice in Wonderland, edited it to music, and then mixed it together so you see the whole movie set to music. It’s done in my traditional mixtape style containing all sorts of samples, extra goodies, and alternate story lines. Until then, dig this!” – DJ SOLO



Soul Assassins Radio 12-26-11 (Last Show of the Year) [Soundcloud]

Tonight Mr Choc takes us back and Jam’s his favorite track’s of the 2011 year. Sit back and enjoy.
Thanks for tuning in and kepping us going.
Ern Dogg

Part 1 :

Part 2 :

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