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Blast From The Past: PETE ROCK – OCT 11, 1988 [DJ Set]

Check out this old Pete Rock DJ Set from October of 1988 from a new blog called Master Marks Magic Rap Attack… I’m looking forward to some more classic content from these guys!

Bronx born and Money Earnin Mount Vernon raised Pete Rock is an DJ, a Rapper, and a Producer. Pete rose to fame and gained his first audience in the World of Rap by working with DJ Marley Marl at WBLS in NYC doing the “In Control…” show and the “Future Flavas” show……at the tender age of 17. He was regarded as the man “puttin in work” because of his use of double copies of each record on each song he spun, a rarity at a time when most DJ’s might have done it every third or fourth…….probably his Jamaican heritage at work.

He was half of the critically acclaimed group Pete Rock & CL Smooth.

He began producing in the early 1990s working with such groups as Run DMC, Public Enemy, Biggie and Nas.

DOWNLOAD : Pete Rock DJ Set

Blast From The Past: KRS-One – Return Of The Boom Bap (1993) [Album Download]


KRS-ONE Attacks 2:50
Outta Here 4:28
Black Cop 2:59
Mortal Thought 3:19
I Can’t Wake Up 3:34
Slap Them Up 3:58
Sound Of Da Police 4:18
Mad Crew 4:24
Uh Oh 4:05
Brown Skin Woman 4:38
Return Of The Boom Bap 3:46
“P” Is Still Free 4:56
Stop Frontin’ 3:19
Higher Level 5:13

DOWNLOAD : KRS-One – Return Of The Boom Bap (1993)

Blast From The Past : Ice Cube – The Predator (1992) [Album Download]

Tracklist :

1. The First Day of School (Intro)
2. When Will They Shoot?
3. I’m Scared (Insert)
4. Wicked
5. Now I Gotta Wet ‘Cha
6. The Predator
7. It Was a Good Day
8. We Had to Tear this Motherfucker Up
9. Fuck ‘Em (Insert)
10. Dirty Mack
11. Don’t Trust ‘Em
12. Gangsta’s Fairytale 2
13. Check Yo Self
14. Who Got the Camera?
15. Integration (Insert)
16. Say Hi to the Bad Guy


Blast From The Past : Gravediggaz – “The House That Hatred Built” (1992 Demo)

Prince Paul writes: This is the First song we recorded as the Gravediggaz in 92″ . It was the intro to our demo and it was actually recorded the day I introduced these guys to each other at my house . This track never made the album but It was one of my favorite productions. This was the track that started it all .. RIP Poetic . Enjoy

Blast From The Past : Boogie Down Productions – Criminal Minded (1987) [Album Download]


1. Poetry
2. South Bronx
3. 9mm Goes Bang
4. Word from Our Sponsor
5. Elementary
6. Dope Beat
7. Remix for P Is Free
8. Bridge Is Over
9. Super-Hoe
10. Criminal Minded


Blast From The Past: Cypress Hill – Unreleased & Revamped EP [DOWNLOAD]

I’ve been listening to this a long time ago and for a very long time. Now it’s time to dust it off and put it back to my everyday playlist!


1.Boom Biddy Bye Bye (Fugees Remix)
2.Throw Your Hands In The Air
3.Intellectual Dons
4.Hand On The Pump (Muggs’ Blunted Mix)
5.Whatta You Know
6.Hits From The Bong (T-Ray’s Mix)
7.Illusions (Q-Tip Remix)
8.Latin Lingo (Prince Paul Mix)
9.When The Ship Goes Down (Diamond D Remix)





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