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The Beat Junkies – For the Record

The World Famous Beat Junkies, comprised of members J-Rocc, DJ Babu, D-Styles, DJ Rhettmatic, DJ What?!, Mr. Choc, Icy Ice, Curse, DJ Shortkut, Melo-D, Symphony and DJ Havik have been putting in work on the turntables since they were first established in 1992. Known internationally as the premiere DJ crew, their longevity is a testament to their immense musical talents. In celebration of the legendary Beat Junkies, LRG presents For the Record – a short documentary profiling the collective with contributions from the likes of A Trak, Q Bert and Peanut Butter Wolf – with DJ Jazzy Jeff commenting that “there are no DJ’s out today that haven’t been influenced by the Beat Junkies at all.” In addition, the Beat Junkies are heading out on the road for an international tour with stops across the US, Europe and Asia and this past weekend kicked off their tour at the Echoplex in Los Angeles, CA on June 30. Laced in commemorative letterman jackets from LRG that celebrates 20-years of hard work and hustle, here’s to another 20 more in the game.

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DJ SOLO – 420 MEGA MIX [Soundcloud/MP3]

HAPPY 420!

Here’s part 2 of my 420 mix that I dropped last year. A whole new blend of my EXTRA-HEADY secret stash. Roll it up, light it up, turn it up!!! Enjoy.
(If you missed 420 Pt.1…DOWNLOAD it HERE!!) – DJ SOLO


001. I’ll Never Smoke Weed With DJ SOLO – Toby Keith
002. Little Boxes (Weeds Theme) – Mayer Hawthorne
003. Smokin Dat Weed – Odd Squad
004. I’m So High – Tony Yayo
005. One Draw – Rita Marley
006. I Get High (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Redman, Method Man & Styles P x TC
007. Get Em High (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Kanye x Camo & Krooked
008. Gimme The Weed (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Gipsy King x Notixx x Black Sabbath
009. Bill Hicks (interlude)
010. Hashashins (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Planet Asia & Chace Infinite x Twin Prix x American Royalty
011. Take Drugs – Gangrene (Alchemist & Oh No)
012. Illusiones – Cypress Hill
013. Bill Hicks (interlude 2)
014. Stoned Is the Way Of The Walk – Cypress Hill
015. Designer Music – Self Scientific
016. Smokin’ – Nas
017. Smoker Face – Wiz Khalifa x Lady Gaga
018. Loco En El Coco (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Cypress Hill x Cypress Hill
019. I Can’t Wake Up – KRS ONE
020. Get High With Me Tonight (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Chab & JB Davis x Missy Elliot
021. Little Boxes (Weeds Theme) – Rise Against
022. Champaign & Reefer (feat. Buddy Guy) – Rolling Stones
023. Love Stoned Samurai (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – The Supremes x Justin Timberlake x Richie Spice x The Widdler
024. Gimme Tha Weed (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Elephant Man & Mr. Vegas x Young Money
025. Green Eyed Lady – Sugarloaf
026. Bill Hicks (interlude 3)
027. Sweet Leaf – Black Sabbath
028. Sweet Leaf (Mochipet Remix) – Black Sabbath
029. Because I Got High – Afroman
030. Good Times – Styles P
031. Change The Channel (interlude)
032. Bob Marley on Marijuana
033. Maryjane For President – MDC
034. Sex Mart 2000 – The Meatmen

DJ SOLO’s Alice In Wonderland [Mixtape/Movie]

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WATCH/DOWNLOAD: DJ SOLO’s Alice In Wonderland [Full Video – 1.2G]

This is my first video mix! Made specially for a live performance set at our Alice In Wonderland themed dubstep event, the overwhelming response was “WHEN IS THIS COMING OUT?!!!” So here it is for everyone to enjoy, the retelling of this classic story from start to finish, edited to dubstep and drumstep, mixed together in my usual mixtape collage style, and sprinkled with samples, new story lines, hidden messages, and fully lip synched to all the songs. Not to mention some brand new DJ SOLO mashups. If you thought Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon set to The Wizard of Oz was crazy…get ready for a TRIP to Wonderland!!!


01 Opening Titles – Oliver Wallace
02 Hood Shit – Mantis
03 Internet Friends (RIOTteck reVIP) – Knife Party
04 Music In Me – Roksonix
05 Superbad – Flux Pavillion & Doctor P
06 Bass Chasers (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Mitchy Slick x Excision & Downlink
07 The License (Doctor P Remix) – Krome & Time
08 Shut Up – Pac Div
09 Fok Julle Naaiers – Die Antwoord
10 Stoned Immaculate (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Macky Gee x The Doors
11 A Mile In My Shoes – DJ SOLO
12 Car Thief Robbery (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Beastie Boys x Wick-it the Instigator
13 Journey To The Center of Punk (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Mighty Boosh x Neon Concept
14 Michael Myers Lives (DJ SOLO CHOP) – Urban Assault x Knife Party x Modified Motion & Faction
15 Deeper Than The Domino Theory (DJ SOLO Remix) – Umphrey’s McGee
17 American Idiot (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Green Day x Tyke
18 Wonderwall Chicken Dippers (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Oasis x d-Queue
19 Pazi Sta Radis – Wikluh Sky

Bass Chasers – Mitchy Slick x Excision & Downlink’s[MP3]

“This is a mashup of Mitchy Slick’s “Bass Chasers” and Excision & Downlink  “Crowd Control”. It’s also part of my upcoming video mix “DJ SOLO’s Alice in Wonderland”, where I’ve chopped up the entire Alice in Wonderland, edited it to music, and then mixed it together so you see the whole movie set to music. It’s done in my traditional mixtape style containing all sorts of samples, extra goodies, and alternate story lines. Until then, dig this!” – DJ SOLO

DJ SOLO – Breaking Bass [Download/Soundcloud]

“Big beats. Big bass. Heavy as fuck! Featuring Self Scientific, La Coka Nostra, Demrick (a.k.a Young De!) Wu-Tang, and a whole lot more. Get some!!

*All of the original tracks used here are by the artists listed, if you like what you hear, check em out! Enjoy.” -DJ SOLO


01. Intro by Charlie Sheen
02. Scary Monsters on Cocaine (DJ SOLO Re-Edit) – Skrillex x Dirtyphonics x Eric Clapton x Grateful Dead
03. What’s Good (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Demrick x Gambit
04. GO (DJ SOLO Re-Edit) – VIP Hacks
05. Magic Fountain (Royalston Drumstep Remix) – Art vs Science
06. A Mile In My Shoes – DJ SOLO
07. King Kong A Day In The System (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Self Scientific x The Beatles x Terravita
08. Michael Myers Lives (DJ SOLO CHOP) – Urban Assault x Knife Party x Modified Motion & Faction
09. Unruly (DJ SOLO Drumstep Edit) – Messinian, Boy Kid Cloud, Dirty Talk
10. Voice of The LaCokarons (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – La Coka Nostra x Rollz
11. Alex Jones Rules (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Shufunk (Dub Peddla Remix)
12. Bass Face (DJ SOLO’s Gittin It Bootleg) – Datsik x DJ SOLO
13. Bassface (DJ SOLO’s XXX Edit) – Flufftronix ft. The Freshest Kidz (Kanji Kinetic Remix)
14. Undah Yuh Skirt Feat. Mavado (Original Mix) – Zeds Dead
15. American Idiot (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Green Day x Tyke
16. Dancing Is My Life (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Magma Kum
17. Anyone Else But You – Moldy Peaches
18. Threshold – Sex Bob-omb
19. Vortex to Yonkers (DJ SOLO Drumming Solo)
20. In Yonkers on Crack (SOLO Edit) – Tyler The Creator
21. Stoned Immaculate (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Macky Gee x The Doors
22. Fok Julle Naaiers – Die Antwoord
23. Beastie Zombie Alien Apocalypse (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Beastie Boys x Vaski x Figure
24. Hold It Against me (DJ SOLO Drumstep Bootleg) – Britney Spears x DJ Tre
25. Bring It (DJ SOLO Shaolin Drumstep Edit) – Jeekoos x Wu Tang Clan
26. H3LP (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – The Beatles x Noisia
27. I Like Ninja Turtles (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – xKore (Squnto Remix)
28. Green Fingers feat. Desi Roots (DJ SOLO Drumstep Re-Fix) – Brotherhood Of Filth
29. Maliante De Dangebass (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Voltio x Kenji Kinetic
30. The 8-Bit Trooper (DJ SOLO Bootleg) – Iron Maiden
31. One Eyed Vampire (Prod. By Johnny Juliano) – Ejay
32. Outro by Charlie Sheen
33. Dig Dug Theme Song – Yuriko Keino
34. Excerpt From: The Mist (in 3-D Sound) – Stephen King
35. We Hate You Please Die – Crash and The Boys
36. SOLO calls SHEEN

R.I.P. Ol’ Dirty Bastard (November 15, 1968 – November 13, 2004)

Its been 7 years to the day that ODB passed away. Here’s a video about the life and possible conspiracy against Ol’ Dirty Bastard. What do you all think?

Adil Omar – Paki Rambo (prod. by DJ SOLO) [Video]

Adil Omar doin’ it big and takin’ you back on his new track “Paki Rambo”, produced by DJ SOLO! The second single off “The Mushroom Cloud Effect” which comes out in 2012. “It’s our tribute to classic House of Pain and Cypress Hill era hip-hop, and a time when the music didn’t take itself so seriously, but was still hardcore. Hope y’all dig it.” – DJ SOLO

Video Directed by Shahbaz Shigri & Aisha Linnea.

Numark Interview With DJ SOLO

DJ SOLO knows all about performing and working the crowd with his NS6. Half electronic bass-head, half punk-rocker-anarchist, and all around mad scientist, Chicago’s own DJ SOLO is way more than just a “DJ”. Currently making big waves in the dubstep/drumstep and bass music scene, SOLO continually raises the bar with turntablism and trick mixing techniques, high energy live performances that include guitar playing, rapping, singing, original bootlegs and remixes, and guaranteed face melting or your money back!!!

We sat down with DJ SOLO and posted the exclusive interview below so be prepared for some of the most interesting answers we’ve ever had in an interview:

Numark:When did you get your start with producing music, DJing, and face melting?

SOLO: I started making DJ style pause tapes with layers of samples on a double cassette deck boombox around age 7. Then around age 12 I picked up a 4-track recorder and a drum machine because I learned to play the guitar and I also rapped, but didn’t know any other people to be in a band with so I started making punk rock songs as well as hip-hop beats and rap songs in my bedroom. I’ve pretty much been in training since then and I guess “face melting” is a level of mastery that comes from lots of practice and hard work.

Numark: What do you love most about DJing?

SOLO: It’s the ultimate level of music appreciation. For a music fan who’s listened to all kinds of music and has not only built a mental catalogue of music, but has also learned to play instruments and produce, it combines all of that and puts you at the control panel. Really what I love most is that now the DJ is not just a human jukebox in the back of some dark club, the DJ, as I and many others present it, is a musician, a producer, a performer and it allows you to take your music to the stage without needing a band or anyone else to legitimize that. This is my music and the music I love, this is me performing it for you live.

Numark: Where does the name “SOLO” come from?

SOLO: Back in the day I was a “one-man-band” called Han Solo, because I was literally a “solo” artist, producing and performing all my own music, as well as a huge Star Wars fan. At some point I dropped “Han” and was just SOLO. Then when I started DJing, I was primarily a hip-hop turntablist and everyone had to have “DJ” in their name so I became…DJ SOLO (all caps!). But the term SOLO is very representative of my life’s journey, as infomercial-y as that sounds. I’m the real life Han Solo, wearing a vest, traveling around the country hustlin, with my Chewbacca sidekick in the Toyota Millennium Falcon.

Numark: In what ways has the industry changed since you started?

SOLO: When I started there WAS an industry! Seriously though, now you don’t have to wait for someone in the industry to give you the green light. Anyone can make a dope song in their bedroom, put it on the internet and have instant feedback. If you understand what the “industry” is doing, you can do that at home on your laptop. So now it’s a whole new game and you don’t have to follow anyone’s model…you can make your own.

Numark: How would you explain your current sound?

SOLO: It’s a combination of several influences, mainly Drumstep/Drum n Bass, Punk Rock, and Hip-Hop. There’s a little psychedelic/indie/pop/classic rock thrown in for good measure but for the most part, bass-heavy, fast-paced, aggressive music that you can dance to but still has the attitude of punk rock and rebellion. When I was growing up, the bands that inspired me were the ones that made kids wanna revolt and rise up in unity against the systems that kept us down, so I try to make and play music that delivers the same message: Destruction, but for the purpose of creation.

Numark: What do you use in the studio and what do you perform with?

SOLO: I use Reason, Cubase and the NS6 in the studio and I perform with the NS6 and my custom Epiphone Special guitar with a Metal Muff distortion pedal.

Numark: In what ways has NS6 enhanced your live performances? What creative doors has it opened?

SOLO: It’s taken a table’s worth of gear and made it into a personal workstation. I can perform live mix techniques from traditional mixing and blending, to complex layering, sample chopping, drumming and turntablism, to things that I could only do before in post production. Now anything I can do on a mixtape or recording I can do live. Where back in the day your live mix wasn’t as technical as your produced mix, but now there’s no difference in style between what you hear on my mix or production and what you hear live.

Numark: What is your favorite NS6 feature?

SOLO: The cue buttons, those are essential to my style of chopping, drumming, and creating musical breakdowns and buildups wherever I want.

Numark: How’s the tour going, and who are you playing with?

SOLO: The tour was awesome! I was out on the road for a week with Boombox and Sovereign Sect and I went to some places I’ve never been like Fargo, ND and Iowa City. It was great because both groups and myself are all DJ/Producers who are using DJing as the backbone of what they do and then adding live production and instrumentation to it. On top of that you had 3 totally different flavors of live electronic music done in completely different manners. It’s the future of music as far as I’m concerned and I was glad to be a part of that.

Numark: Are there artists or genres you enjoy that may come as a surprise to people?

SOLO: I’m pretty openly eclectic so I don’t know how much I can shock anyone with that, but Danny Elfman is a huge inspiration to me and I’ve studied most of his film scores as meticulously as I’ve studied every Beatles album. I’m a big fan of film scores and an equal fan of movies. I try to make my music and mixes more like a movie and have that larger than life, epic feel to them. A lot of that comes from studying how those scores accent the action and then being able to re-create that action musically without the visuals.

Numark: What artists would you would like to work with in the future?

SOLO: I’d like to work with people willing to help me make a “GWAR-style” stage show and build a DJ SOLO Circus with ten-foot monsters and people getting their head chopped off with lasers and Anarchy Cheerleaders! Anyone interested in being a part of that, holla.

Numark: So what’s next on your plate for production after the tour? Anything your fans should look for?

SOLO: I have a bunch of new original music that I’m working on and it’s really shaping up to be the sound that I’ve been trying to create for a while. Right now I have several Chicago artists who are making guest appearances on for this album currently titled “Bass Punk Superstar”. The vibe is electronic and bass-heavy with the intensity of Drum n Bass and Drumstep, but compositionally a 4-piece punk band with a keyboard player could play it. I’m trying to make music that doesn’t sound like someone on a laptop just pressed a bunch of buttons and hit save. I want it to have the human touch but still be electronic and heavy. It’s John Conner fighting the future war against the robots with robot technology.

Numark: What advice do you have for up and coming DJs and producers?

SOLO: Don’t listen to what anyone tells you, not even me.



A Mile In My Shoes – DJ SOLO (Original) [MP3]

“Thanks to all my fans and friends who voted and helped me get into the North Coast “Toast of the Coast” contest. As I promised on my campaign trail…if I win, I will make the song that got me in a FREE download. So as a DJ of the people, for the people, and by the people…I give you that song…”A Mile In My Shoes”. If you’re in Chicago this WED, come down and see your boy rip it up at The Mid…WOOP-WOOP!!!!

This is the first track from my upcoming album project. Original music and songwriting combined with hardcore drumstep, DnB, hip-hop, and everything bass-heavy, all done with the aggression and style of a 4-piece punk rock band. Featuring performances by some of Chicago’s dopest, hand-picked by me. Coming Soon!!!” – DJ SOLO


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