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Everlast to Raise Awareness and Funds for CF Foundation Through Song Download

To help raise money and awareness for cystic fibrosis, Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter/rapper Everlast
(aka Erik Schrody, who has a two-year-old daughter with CF) is supporting the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation through the sale of the song “Long Time.”

From May 8 through May 22, each 99-cent iTunes download of “Long Time” will spur a 65 cent donation (the label’s entire proceeds) from Everlast, Martyr Inc. Records and EMI Label Services to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

“Cystic fibrosis is a lifetime battle,” Everlast says. “The CF Foundation is doing a lot of really good work, and they’re on the verge of making more big breakthroughs.”

In addition to the “Long Time” donations, Everlast and his family participate in Great Strides, and the artist has recently teamed up with fellow musicians and comedians to further support the search for a cure.

“Long Time” is part of Everlast’s album Songs of the Ungrateful Living, a 15-cut collection that highlights the struggles and untapped potential of the nation during the economic recession.

Visit the iTunes store to download Everlast’s “Long Time” and support the fight against CF.

La Coka Nostra “Masters Of Dark Arts” European Tour 2012 Dates

La Coka Nostra parts ways with Everlast – “Masters Of The Dark Arts” in stores June 26, 2012

As LCN nears completion of their sophomore album, a date has now been set for the Fat Beats release. June 26, 2012 marks almost 3 years since the debut release of “A Brand You Can Trust”. Fans have already been given a taste of what to expect with the recently leaked “Malverde Market”.

“The new album is a little different from “A Brand You Can Trust”. I think the production is less polished this time, more raw. It has an unfriendly vibe to it. We went with darker, grimier beats on this one & that influenced the direction of the lyrics & songs overall.” – ILL BILL
DJ Lethal & ILL BILL will be featured on production once again alongside a cast of others.
Along with the release of “Masters Of The Dark Arts” comes an unfortunate departure from Everlast and the rest of the group.
“Due to my commitments with my own label and record and the fact that my daughter has been diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis it has become very difficult to be involved in any other projects. Therefore it is my conclusion after long deliberation and discussion with the guys in the group that waiting until I personally am ready and able to fully dedicate myself to the group isn’t fair to the group so I unfortunately will not be involved in LCN until a time when I can dedicate myself properly to it. I’m sorry to any fans that are disappointed by this but the simple fact is every single moment of my spare time is being spent with my daughter and I will be joining forces with the CF Foundation as a “celebrity ambassador” to raise both awareness and money till there is a cure. Thank you all for your support and understanding.” – Erik “Everlast” Schrody aka Mr. White

“I’ve been a fan of Everlast as an artist for a long time, but he’s also been a friend and mentor, so this is a hard day for me. Music is something we all love and make for a living, but the circumstances of life sometimes dictate what we are able to do, and we are all grown men with our own paths to travel, and families to support. Its’ been an incredible experience making music with Erik, and hopefully there will be more someday in the future. More than that though, there is a lot of love here for him and his family. He certainly has our support in his daughters fight against Cystic Fibrosis.” – Slaine

In Everlast’s absence, Slaine, ILL BILL & Danny Boy have recruited some of their extended family to round out the album making sure La Coka remains a brand you can trust.

Source: The Hip-Hop Realm

Song Of The Week : House Of Pain – It Ain’t A Crime

Everlast – Little Miss America [Audio/Youtube]

“Little Miss America” from EVERLAST’s latest release, Songs Of The Ungrateful Living, in stores now.

– All photos by Jacob Giampa from the Songs Of The Ungrateful Living tour –

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