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The Other Cinema Presents La Haine

On the eve of the London mayoral election, The Other Cinema, from the creators of Secret Cinema, launched with an inspired free community screening of LA HAINE at the Broadwater Farm Community Centre in Tottenham, London.

As part of The Other Cinema network and tour, the production will travel from Broadwater Farm to The Troxy in Limehouse on 4th May, launch in outskirts of Paris, Saint-Ouen (free community screening) and conclude at Le Trianon in central Paris on 5th May where this production will close, the eve of the second round of the French presidential elections. Screenings are confirmed in 12 cities and towns in England and France from 2nd to 5th May, including Tallinn, Estonia.

Mathieu Kassovitz, Director of La Haine, said: “I’m proud and honored that LA HAINE after all these years is still a symbol of rebellion for old and new generations. The film’s impact is way beyond everything any director would hope for and the strength of Asian Dub Foundation’s music makes the film an interactive experience shared by audiences around the world. The choice of Tottenham for the first screening is a symbolic one; youth are still at lost in this globalized political world and don’t have any other voice to be heard than violence. Burning and looting is more than thieves stealing toasters. It’s the voice of the people that are at the lowest step of the ladder. It should be listened to with respect and intelligence and not simple accusations of ‘hoodlism’. I hope these screenings will help remember what we fight for. No justice. No peace.”

Video by Boris…OFFICIAL SITE

Street Art-Grafitti

C’est Bien Fait Pour Ta Gueule

”Although it’s Done For Your Mouth” Google TRanslate

A clip from the movie Teenagers From Uranus featuring serf, resk, serch, host, tenz, lions, goal, and more.Music by Bomb Skwad

And now we want you to present a crew from Serbia ”MOFOS”

graffiti session with lortek-mofos-ycp and tones-edk-dvs

Kourtrajmé – The Funk Hunt

Kourtrajme present the history of funk trough  the eyes of great producer Romain Gavras.This was his work before he became a world wide known producer of music videos and movies …The point is he was always a great producer,and he will be i future ,probably ! I surly hope so.We all know that the Funk is mother of all new age music,RAP,Electro House,Techno,POP and many others,you can feel funk everywhere around you,and this video present  that very god,enjoy!


A Brooklyn Kind Of Life (Kourutrajme) [Video]

Music video  by Widow Prizum-Kourutrajme Production  present the Brooklyn kind of life

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