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Snowgoons ft Planet Asia, Krondon, Banish, Ras Kass, Aims – What That West Like

Filmed and directed by: Lv for Lv Visions, JP Arellano, Prime Vison
Edit and Post Prod by: Alter Prod
Crew: Alberto Padilla, Jon Branch
Special thanks: Guzzle tha Monster, Ceke Blanco, DJ Rybe, Kahlee, M1Talavera, Pedalay and KB, Kristina B, Chava, Mike (Beans & Rice) Video Gear, Ben, Alter Prod, Third Rail, Notion Studios and Tunkoe

Snowgoons ft Aspects, Ghostface Killah, Swisha T & Killah Priest – The Cypher

From the new album “Snowgoons Dynasty” out 17th of july

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